12.3., 18.3.,19.3., 20.3. and 26. 3. 2014

Wednesday 12. 3. 2014 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)
Wednesday 19. 3. 2014 | 20 : 00 | BIO CENTRÁL, třída Karla IV. 774, Hradec Králové (map)
Wednesday 19. 3. 2014 | 20 : 00 | KINO JUNIOR, Jiráskova 4898/9, Jablonec nad Nisou (map)
Wednesday 26. 3. 2014 | 19 : 30 | STUDIO KAREL, 28. října 49/23, Ostrava (map)

Fun in the first place. iShorts : Fun shortly means dozens of jokes, laughter and amusement, all of that shortly in shorts. Obviously to catch as much fun as possible.


Director: Fáuston da Silva

Year: 2012 | Length: 15 min | Live Action |

The improbable meeting between Lucas and Nietzsche will be the beginning of a violent revolution in the mind of the boy, within his family and within society. At the end he is no longer a boy, he is dynamite!


Director: Eoin Duffy

Year: 2012 | Length: 7 min | Animation |

Albert the Squirrel makes a startling discovery ... an empty space where once his favourite scarf lay. He heads off into the forest only to find everyone else is preoccupied with worries of their own. He helps who he can before moving on but never seems to get any closer to his goal. ultimately, Albert’s problem is put in perspective by the friends he helped and the problems they faced and overcame together.


Director: Michael Davies | Producer: Sandra Gorel
Star: John Hurt, Phyllida Law, Barry McCarthy

Year: 2010 | Length: 12 min | Live Action |

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT tells the story of a day in the life of 70-year-old Arthur who falls in love with a fellow resident, a beautiful woman called Ruth.


Director: Laurence Brook

Year: 2013 | Length: 18 min | Live Action |

Conservative and competitive middle-class father with an obsession for board games, Lindsay Rathbone, has invited his daughter's new boyfriend to take part in their traditional ‘games night’. Lindsay is going to be the Gamesmaster.

The Fastest Matthew in the World (CZ)

Director: Tomáš Pavlíček | Producer: FAMU
Star: Tomáš Pavlíček, Zuzana Bydžovská, Věra Chytilová

Year: 2011 | Length: 21 min | Live Action |

„I am sorry, I’m running late. - I’m sorry, I am late. - I’m sorry, I must be lost.” Matthew can’t help himself - he has to keep running through everything. But on his birthday, he’s going to get lost in an unknown territory. A fairy tale comedy about running.

NOAH (Canada)

Directors: Walter Woodman, Patrick Cederberg | Producers: Patrick Cederberg, Walter Woodman
Star: Sam Kantor, Caitlin McConkey-Pirie, Nina Iordanova

Year: 2013 | Length: 17 min | Live Action |

Noah's relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of romance in the digital age set entirely on a teenager's computer screen.

Total lenght of the screening 90 min.


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