5.12. and 12.12. 2012

Wednesday 5. 12. 2012 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)
Wednesday 12. 12. 2012 | 19 : 30 | KINO JUNIOR, Jiráskova 4898/9, Jablonec nad Nisou (map)

Two bachelor films from FAMU against two bachelor films from FAMO. 4 films, 2 schools, 1 event. This year, it is the fifth time that the popular film school battle took place. Which film will get the most of audience votes and will therefore be awarded as the best film? Are the student films made at different schools similar or completely different? You be the judge. There will be a Q&As session with the authors after the screening – you will have a chance to ask them both about their films and schools.


screenplay and director: Jiří Volek | cinematography: Marek Dvořák
sound: Adam Lanči | editing: Lenka Hojková | producer: FAMU
cast: Marie Pavlovová, Štěpánka Fingerhutová, Jaroslav Plesl, Karel Zima,
Vladimír Polívka, Lenka Krobotová, Bohdana Kovářová
year: 2012 | length: 16 min | live action

Summer bittersweet tale of emotional isolation of two young girlfriends in the closed world of boarding secondary medical school in the small spa town. To the town is coming long awaited agency looking for new faces in the modeling world. Rather suspicious casting begins, one of the last opportunities to escape from the boredom of everyday life. Lenka is determined to reach her dreams; her plans to make a breakthrough with her beauty cannot be crossed even by her friend Anna, who does not want to stay in the shade of Lenka anymore; nor incredulous boyfriend Peter; or manic photographer Dan with his assistant Filip. So starts a big game in a small space where are mixed childhood dreams with adult humor; and hidden desires with secret hate.


screenplay and director: Marek Ciccotti | cinematography: Jan Košč
sound: Saša Stojiljković | editing: Saša Stojiljković | producer: FAMO
cast: Jiří Havelka, Jana Stryková, Filip Cíl, Sandra Nováková, Tereza Voříšková
year: 2012 | length: 22 min | live action

Dumpling. Schnitzel. Onion. Dumpling. That about sums up Honza's life. He is stuck in a dead zone. A very difficult and funny journey awaits him through the dating life of the modern world. And maybe he will even manage to heal some of his old scars, that he was trying to run away from.


screenplay and director: Eva Toulová | cinematography: Lukáš Marek
sound: Tomáš Oramus | editing: Matěj Beran | producer: FAMU
cast: Marie Kružiková, Adel Vaaleva
year: 2012 | length: 19 min | live action

The main theme of „Dvojhra“ is capturing the evolving relationship between two piano players – Russian Zoya and Czech Jana. Jana, living her 3rd year at college dorm is settled in Prague with her boyfriend. Zoya, feeling lost, in a foreign territory, her only escape is through her piano playing. She admires Jana's style and when she hears how wonderfully Jana plays without any preparation, her admiration grows into a certain god-like worshipping towards Jana. From the need for love, the cold friendship turns into a warm relationship.


screenplay: Džian Baban a Josef Heřmánek | director: Josef Heřmánek | cinematography: Ondřej Herskovič
sound: Matouš Uhlíř | editing: Tomáš Lomič | producer: FAMO
cast: Ondřej Vetchý, Karel Heřmánek ml., Iva Holubová, Jakub Štáfek, Johanna Tesařová
year: 2012 | length: 25 min | live action

A young independent Czech director (who isn't famous yet) desperately tries to cast a famous Czech actor in a film about a famous Czech king. But the actor isn't interested. The young independent Czech director therefore has no other option, but to use persuasion methods, that aren't quite moral. Or normal.

Total lenght of the screening 82 min.


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