30.1. and 6.2. 2013

Wednesday 30. 1. 2013 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)
Wednesday 6. 2. 2013 | 19 : 00 | KINO JUNIOR, Jiráskova 4898/9, Jablonec nad Nisou (map)

The evening to celebrate the release of a new edition of the DVD Czech Short Films Vol. 4, 2013, in cooperation with the Czech Film Center. You will see the selection of the best Czech short films from the DVD. You will enjoy both live-action as well as animated short films, and we have prepared a gift for every spectator.


screenplay and director: Aneta Kýrová Žabková | sound: David Titěra
music: Ivan Doležálek | producer: FAMU
year: 2012 | length: 10 min | animated film

After 25 years, three middle-aged women meet and compare their life stories. Who is the happiest and most satisfied?


director: Martina Nagyová | cinematography: František Mach
sound: Klára Jašková | editing: Hana Dvořáčková | producer: UTB
cast: Jana Oľhová, Anna Matejová, Štefan Lengyel
year: 2012 | length: 20 min | live action

Once upon a time, in a place yet unknown, a place undefined, there was a little house with an even stranger story. Once you enter the door you realize that, unlike the world we know, this place is not under the rule of people. Forget the rules in the real world and let the flow of the visual mosaic of feelings and absurd relationships carry you away.


screenplay and director: Matěj Mráz | cinematography: kamera: Vidu Gunaratna
sound: Barbora Hovorková | editing: Nicole Hálová | producer: FAMU
year: 2012 | length: 7 min | animated film

The story of Czech out the Moon is based on a fictional memory from the director's chil­dhood, in which his dreams come true. It begins on the tenth birthday of a boy who makes a wish to be the first ‘man’ on the Moon. His wish comes true, but the family trip is far from ideal. Nobody thought ‘In space we are not alone.’ The story was inspired by authentic memories and is an allegory of leaving one's homeland.


screenplay and director: Robert Hloz | cinematography: Colin Lee
sound: Samuel Jurkovič | editing: Filip Veselý | producer: UTB and Hanyang University
cast: Heejin Jung, Woogun park
year: 2012 | length: 10 min | live action

Wandering the streets looking for help, Nick meets a girl with the same problem. They know nothing about each other and seem to know everything about everyone else. Sometimes the less you know, the better…


screenplay and director: Sangeun Won | sound: Marek Poledna, Stanislav Cajthaml
editing: Sangeun Won | producer: FAMU
year: 2012 | length: 10 min | animated film

Three office workers work in the same office and live in the same apartment building. They never talk, and never take any interest in each other. One day, their hidden problems start to destroy their lives.


screenplay and director: Adam Sedlák | cinematography: Tomáš Sovinský
sound: Jan Šulcek | editing: Marek Štěpánek | producer: FAMO
cast: Michaela Doubravová, Radek Rubáš, Tomáš Novotný, Jenovéfa Boková,
Vladimír Kudla
year: 2012 | length: 16 min | live action

What led a young girl Tereza Dratvová to such an act? Why are cars, hidden under the roof in our yard, safer than people, and what are the chances of escaping from here? An existential thriller shot in one take.


screenplay and director: Jan Pavlacký | cinematography: Jan J. Filip
sound: Jiří Klenka | editing: Petr Staněk | producer: Monolog Films and Partnership Pictures
cast: Jiří Racek, Iveta Jiříčková, Marek Adamczyk, Jacob Erftemeijer
year: 2012 | length: 21 min | live action

Involved in a car accident, Petr and Martina are suddenly thrown into a situation where saving somebody else’s life could put their own in danger. Caught between fear and guilt, they have to choose between bad and even worse. Inspired by true events, the film tells the story from the various perspectives of everyone involved, and questions how much responsibility we have for the actions we take.
Where everyone has part of the responsibility, some have taken more than others.

In original language with English subtitles (out of Numbers). Total lenght of the screening 94 min.


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