Wednesday 7. 12. 2022 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)

Christmas is just around the corner and among Christmas cookies, punch, and picking out practical presents are, of course, reruns of classic musicals on TV. There are few things as striking during Christmas, as music. The selection of short musical comedies and movies about music is something that should definitely be on your Christmas schedule – the Christmas clean-up is easier to do with se great music to fill you with energy.

Ferdinand (Switzerland)

Director: Joséphine Berthou | Producer: HEAD – Genève |
Star: Ferdinand Flame, Emilie Detalle, Arcadi Radeff, Michel Bataillard |
Year: 2021 | Length: 24 min | Live Action |

While driving his truck, Ferdinand sings. From their spaceship, aliens discover music for the first time. Intrigued by the melody, they decide to follow the trucker, then, finally too curious, they send one of their own.

BoldGuy (Norway)

Director: Maria Bock | Producer: Trond Eliassen |
Star: Marit Andreassen, Ole Giæver, Frank Kjosås |
Year: 2011 | Length: 12 min | Live Action |

A musical comedy about 17 year old Jonas who comes back home to his parents and tells them he has just kissed a bald guy.

So It Goes (USA)

Director: Justin Carlton | Producer: Lindsey Villarreal, Jamie Vega Wheeler |
Star: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Kattner, Travis Grant |
Year: 2016 | Length: 13 min | Live Action |

Amidst many distractions, Samantha struggles to find her voice recording a new song. She encounters a mysterious stranger who reminds her of why she loves to create music.

Yung Michal (Czech Republic)

Director: Štěpán FOK Vodrážka | Producers: Jakub Košťál, Vratislav Šlajer |
Star: Mikuláš Vedral, Jiří Huzlík, Michal Slaný, Alena Doláková, Jan Jankovský, Alice Bendová |
Year: 2022 | Length: 17 min | Live Action |

From shithole to the top of the world. In one afternoon.
On Instagram, Michal presents himself as a rapper who is one step away from stardom. In reality, he is a fast-food worker in a place no one ever broke through from. What he doesn’t know yet is that his dreams will be fulfilled this afternoon.

Total length of the screening 70 min. In original language with Czech and English subtitles.


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