22. and 28.11. 2022

Tuesday 22. 11. 2022 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)
Monday 28. 11. 2022 | 20 : 00 | ANDĚL CAFÉ, Bezručova 151/5, Plzeň (map)

November is here and with it the end of autumn. Long, cold nights are marked by fog filling the streets and the first snow falling from the sky. A perfect time to dive into some good read, or to come see how literature has inspired directors of short films! The autumn screening is dedicated to works of great authors – big and small alike. And who knows, they might inspire you to pick a new book to read.

Wanda (Canada)

Director: Benjamin Nicolas | Producers: Benjamin Nicolas, Inna Pan |
Star: Véronique Beaudet, Christian Cardin, Marie-Pier Labrecque, Eliott Perron, Lili-Rose Ste-Marie |
Year: 2019 | Length: 18 min | Live Action |

Wanda, 12 years old, shares her version of the past days in the interrogatory room.

Les Bruits (France)

Director: Thibault Pétrissans | Producer: C Productions Chromatiques |
Star: Jean-Pierre Skalka |
Year: 2009 | Length: 4 min | Animation |

Once, all noises met. All the noises of the world in one place and I was there because they met in my house.

Swim Test (Czech Republic)

Director: Šimon Štefanides | Producer: FAMU |
Star: Anna Fialová, Daniel Vízek, Vasil Fridrich, Andrea Elsnerová |
Year: 2019 | Length: 14 min | Live Action |

A young mother is rarely allowed access to her son, and even then in the presence of a social worker. During one such meeting at a swimming pool she tries to become closer to the boy, who is evidently cold-hearted. Upon gaining his trust again, she is haunted by her memories of the failure that led to their separation.

The Guardian (Italy)

Director: Alessandro Novelli |
Star: Luis De Velasco |
Year: 2015 | Length: 5 min | Animation |

A traveling peasant arrives at a gate. But a guardian denies him entrance.

To build a Fire (France/UK)

Director: Fx Goby | Producers: Charlotte Bavasso, Christel Delahaye, Chris O'Reilly |
Star: Tony Fish |
Year: 2016 | Length: 13 min | Animation |

To celebrate Jack London's 100th death anniversary, director Fx Goby adapted his famous novel, "To Build a Fire", tragic tale of a trapper and his dog in the freezing Yukon, into an animated short film.

Paradise on Earth to See (Czech Republic)

Director: Vojtěch Novotný | Producer: FAMU |
Star: Ondřej Šimánek, Pavlína Štorková, Jan Bidlas, Diana Rebinchak, Markar Rebinchak |
Year: 2021 | Length: 27 min | Live Action |

Matys is an outsider who moved from Ukraine to Czechia with his sister in search of a better life. Turns out the situation there is not ideal either. A glimpse of hope comes when Matys manages to get a job in a cottage in the woods. Its owner and the magical surroundings enchant him. The question is how long this feeling of happiness will last.

Total length of the screening 82 min. In original language with Czech and English subtitles.


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