31.10., 1. and 2.11. 2021

Sunday 31. 10. 2021 | 20 : 00 | VEŘEJNÝ SÁL HRANIČÁŘ, Prokopa Diviše 1812/7, Ústí nad Labem (map)
Sunday 31. 10. 2021 | 20 : 00 | KINO JUNIOR, Jiráskova 4898/9, Jablonec nad Nisou (map)
Sunday 31. 10. 2021 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)
Monday 1. 11. 2021 | 20 : 00 | ANDĚL CAFÉ, Bezručova 151/5, Plzeň (map)
Tuesday 2. 11. 2021 | 20 : 00 | VARŠAVA, Frýdlantská 285/16, Liberec (map)

Traditional Monster Cabaret brings again Halloween portion of fear, terror of short film fun. This geographically and genre - colourful program includes, of course, mysterious monsters and bloodsheds. These are accompanied by bedtime story for adults, dystopian visions of future without laughter or drama about autumn of life supervised by a creepy machine. Also, in a Czech premiere we present Baltic thriller Unburied with "Babylon Berlin" star Severija Janušaiskaité.


Director: Chance Muehleck | Producers: Melanie S. Armer, Brandon Alan Smith |
Star: Brandon Alan Smith, Robin Reed, David Folwell, Reese Gould |
Year: 2020 | Length: 3 min | Live Action |

A one-shot, first-person thriller with a twist. Join us under the bed.


Director: Jan Verdijk | Producer: Daniel Dow |
Star: Jochum ten Haaf, Reinier Schimmel |
Year: 2020 | Length: 5 min | Live Action |

When a mechanic opens the hood of a car, he accidentally awakens a dark force of nature.

Laugh Club (Czech Republic)

Director: Jindřich Vosecký | Producer: FAMO |
Star: Klára Vosecká, Jiří Černý, Anežka Rusevová, Matylda Königová, Petr Kult |
Year: 2020 | Length: 20 min | Live Action |

The society had been stabilised. The majority of diseases, the poverty and the unemployment had been eliminated. Happiness had been awaiting the human kind – but happy they have been not. Out of nowhere a wave of suicides has started to spread over the land. Enriko, a promising scientist, takes the best of the situation and starts the Laugh Club. Laura, a young introvert woman, decides to sign up for the Club after her sister dies, hoping to find a lost joy of life.

Atrophy (USA)

Directors: Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden | Producers: Nick Hartanto, Dave Paige, Sam Roden |
Star: Liza Fernandez, Bert Matias, Sky Paley, Irene Tsu |
Year: 2021 | Length: 15 min | Live Action |

A stroke victim descends into a nightmare after her husband unearths a mysterious object from their garage.

Unburied (Lithuania, UK)

Directors: David Heinemann, Elvina Nevardauskaite | Producer: Justinas Piliponis |
Star: Severija Janušauskajtě, Rimantas Bagdzevičius, Jonas Vaitkus, Valerijus Jevsejevas |
Year: 2018 | Length: 25 min | Live Action |

When her estranged father dies suddenly, artistic director Egle begins to hear voices who prophesy her father's return. Fearing for her life, Egle solicits the help of an actress friend from the theatre, and through role-play and ritual they are drawn deeper and deeper into the torments of Egle's past.

Thank you for your teeth! (Romania)

Directors: George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută | Producers: Horia Cucută, Ayrton P. Bryan, Andrei Gheorghe |
Star: Eli Lester |
Year: 2020 | Length: 3 min | Animation |

Josh, a 6 y.o. kid living with his mother and sister, discovers that for each tooth lost he receives five dollars. He makes a quick calculation and understands that an entire bike is sitting in his mouth.

The Blood Field (Chile)

Director: Vicente Campos Yanine | Producers: Camila Aguilar Guzman |
Star: Andrea Munizaga, Guilherme Sepúlveda, Héctor Fuentes, José Antonio López Fuentes |
Year: 2019 | Length: 15 min | Live Action |

Tired of being humiliated by her husband, Lidia secretly gathers money to change her life. However, one day her savings disappear.

Total length of the screening 90 min. In original language with Czech and English subtitles.


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