14., 21. and 22.11. 2018

Wednesday 14. 11. 2018 | 20 : 30 | BIO OKO, Františka Křížka 460/15, Prague (map)
Wednesday 21. 11. 2018 | 19 : 20 | GOLDEN APPLE CINEMA, nám. Míru 174, Zlín (map)
Wednesday 21. 11. 2018 | 19 : 30 | VEŘEJNÝ SÁL HRANIČÁŘ, Prokopa Diviše 1812/7, Ústí nad Labem (map)
Thursday 22. 11. 2018 | 20 : 00 | VARŠAVA, Frýdlantská 285/16, Liberec (map)

This thematically and genre diverse programme brings a selection of this year's short films from the Audiovisual Arts Studio at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. Featuring fresh films by upcoming generation of directors, who may soon shape the face of Czech and Slovak cinema.

Thre (Czech Republic)

Director: Ida Ralevská | Producer: UTB |
Star: Šárka Býčková, Zbyšek Humpolec |
Year: 2018 | Length: 14 min | Live Action |

Sweet romantic story of one young couple, Honza and Tereza. There is only one problem. Honza has psychical disorder. He is addicted on giraffe's pattern and everything connected to giraffes. Everything in their house is decorated in the giraffe way. Curtains, sheets, toothbrush, everything. The drama comes when Honza buys a big yellow inflatable giraffe as a 3rd member of their household.

Block (Czech Republic)

Director: Gabriela Tuchyňová | Producer: UTB |
Star: Magdalena Straková, Radek Melša, Jana Hubinská, Markéta Matulová |
Year: 2018 | Length: 15 min | Live Action |

Short film Block is about an adolescent girl Hana who suffers from her mother’s authoritative behavior. In order to get more attraction of her crush, she is trying to act naturally, but all her effort gets in vain because of lack of social interaction. After all these events she finds out there is always a way out.

The Technique of Everyday Life (Czech Republic)

Director: Gabriel Zajtko | Producer: UTB |
Star: Vít Stacke, Karel Matuška, Petr Škrabal, Jakub Stacke |
Year: 2018 | Length: 22 min | Documentary Film |

Theatre is living organism. This movie is about people, whose work is vital for proper function of this antic temple of culture. And maybe... life behind curtain is much more dramatic, than life in front of it.

The Goldfish (Czech Republic)

Director: František Vaculík | Producer: UTB |
Star: Denis Šafařík, Anton Litvin, Klára Vojtková, Rita Jasinská, Petra Hobzová |
Year: 2018 | Length: 11 min | Live Action |

Sergei is a bitter, aging Russian who has had a difficult life which led to his isolation from the outside world. Dany is a YouTube-intellectual who is preparing his new broadcast to show – preparing his followers a confrontation with the harsh truth – they are all living in social bubbles. He demonstrates that with the phenomena everybody knows – the Gold Fish. The wish-granting fish that will lead Sergei’s and Dany’s paths together. With the Gold Fish added into the mix, anything can happen. She is the one who bends fate to its will after all. Film is an adaptation of the story by the Israeli author Etgar Keret. 

Róó (Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Director: Gabriela Tuchyňová | Producers: UTB a Buongiorno Slovacchia s.r.o. |
Star: Daniel Horňák, Mário Houdek, Viktória Šuplatová, Marina Svereňáková, Peter Peterka |
Year: 2018 | Length: 20 min | Live Action |

Robert Holub (Robert Pigeon), seventeen years old village boy obsessed with pigeons is planned to be taken by a social worker, because his old parents are no longer able to take care of him. After finding mysterious object, he thinks solution for his problem is really close. Except if it ruins his friendship with his fellow Jakub.

Wolf Paths (Czech Republic)

Directors: Noemi Valentíny, Vojtěch Dočkal | Producer: UTB |
Year: 2018 | Length: 10 min | Animation |

The story of a boy who overcomes his weaknesses and fears shows us that it is better to run with wolves than to wither away in the prison of our own borders. A boy, who lives alone with his mum – ends up in the forest due to coincidence. He befriends a wolf there, who shows him that one’s life can be as colorful as the world around – only if you are willing to do the first step. However, there is another challenge awaiting the boy. Because nothing lasts forever and it is a great truth that everything we tame (or what tames us) makes a difference only if we keep ourselves.

Cornelia (Czech Republic) in Prague

Director: Radim Svoboda | Producer: UTB |
Star: Dominik Teleky, Markéta Kalužíková, Jan Grygar, Josef Koller, Tereza Slámová |
Year: 2018 | Length: 18 min | Live Action |

The Cornelia movie, mixing crime and thriller genres, describes a one day of young lieutenant Adam Tománek, who investigates a case of a fraudulent transfer of bankrupting Cornelia company to a straw man. When Tománek suspects Monika, a girl he slept with last night when he was drunk, has a lot in common with the case, he starts to investigate the case on his own.

The Incredible Wardrobegadget of Dr. Stein (Czech Republic) in Zlin

Director: Gabriela Plačková | Producers: UTB, Nadační fond FILMTALENT ZLÍN |
Year: 2018 | Length: 15 min | Animation |

When Doctor Stein's best friend dies during his last experiment, the grieving scientist is ready to do everything it takes to get his dog back. Building a dead-reviving machine is not a rocket science for him but this time the experiment goes monstrously wrong.

Total length of the screening 109 min. In original language with English subtitles.


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