Wednesday 18. 10. 2017 | 19 : 00 | GOLDEN APPLE CINEMA, nám. Míru 174, Zlín (map)

Dramas about relationships, love, money, greediness in 5 variaties: from boys and girls with inferiority complex, looking to find their true selves, to immature rednecks to greedy gangsters with a range of skills. You will see all this and more at the screening of a selection of films made at the Atelier of Audiovisual Arts at the University of Tomas Bata in Zlin.

Largo, my Love! (Czech Republic)

Director: Adam Karásek | Producer: UTB |
Star: Patrik Holubář, Jordana Blažková |
Year: 2016 | Length: 17 min | Live Action |

A guide how not to waste time and experience a long-lasting relationship during one afternoon.
Ota secretly observes Dora, who lives in an apartment across the street. Everything changes one day, when she knocks on his door and invites herself into his apartment. Ota is avoiding relationships, but Dora loves them and decides to try one also with Ota.

Golden 90's (Czech Republic)

Director: Lukáš Hrdý | Producer: UTB |
Star: Filip Kaňkovský, Lukáš Příkazký |
Year: 2017 | Length: 13 min | Live Action |

The nineties were famous for introducing a brand-new chance of doing a private business after a long era of communism. The business was done everywhere and with everything, even illegally. People stole and people killed – mostly in a very amateur way. The film is a tragicomic reflection of the age in which everything was possible and nothing was a problem – only a few people had to end up very badly.

The Last Prior (Czech Republic)

Directors: Tereza Vágnerová, Petr Januschka | Producer: UTB |
Year: 2017 | Length: 21 min | Documentary Film |

The Last Prior is a tragicomical portrait of people working in the last unreconstructed socialist department store Prior. This perfectly preserved piece of socialist culture and aesthetics houses many strange characters that are themselves stuck in time of the store’s biggest fame. Today, they feel left out, frustrated and nostalgic. The film humorously captures a bizarre atmosphere of this forgotten place and reflects a specific mood of a post-totalitarian society.

Last words (Czech Republic)

Director: František Vaculík | Producer: UTB |
Star: Václav Krátký, Václav Rašilov, Tomáš Krejča |
Year: 2017 | Length: 13 min | Live Action |

Ordinary gangsters, Tom, Dave and Mike, don’t know each other, but each of them owns one part of the map, which can lead them to the bunch of mafia money. To reach it is possible only through their collaboration, but nobody believes to anyone, nobody wants to divide with others and no one has the problem of killing the two remaining. And are there really any money waiting for them, or it's all the refined revenge from the tombs?

Mr. Z (Czech Republic)

Directors: Tadeáš Daněk, Milan Lukáč | Producer: UTB |
Year: 2017 | Length: 40 min | Documentary Film |

Farmer Zdeněk and his girlfriend Radka know each other just two weeks when they decide to get married. They need to overcome the adverse influence of Zdeněk's family. Their lusty love is not approved even by his temperamental mother. So the unstoppable carousel of tragicomical events is triggered.

Total length of the screening 104 min.


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