22. and 23.9. 2015

Tuesday 22. 9. 2015 | 19 : 30 | STUDIO KAREL, 28. října 49/23, Ostrava (map)
Tuesday 22. 9. 2015 | 19 : 30 | KC MALÝ BERLÍN, Štefánikova 4, Trnava (map)
Tuesday 22. 9. 2015 | 20 : 30 | KINO ART, Cihlářská 19, Brno (map)
Wednesday 23. 9. 2015 | 19 : 00 | KINO FILM EUROPE, Štefánikova 25, Bratislava (map)
Wednesday 23. 9. 2015 | 19 : 30 | GOLDEN APPLE CINEMA, nám. Míru 174, Zlín (map)
Wednesday 23. 9. 2015 | 20 : 00 | KINO JUNIOR, Jiráskova 4898/9, Jablonec nad Nisou (map)

Sometimes, love has the weirdest forms. Come check out how filmmakers from all around the world see it, you will laugh, whine and at times, even goggle.

DENNIS (Denmark)

Director: Mads Matthiesen |
Star: Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft, Lykke Sand Michelsen |

Year: 2007 | Length: 18 min | Live Action |

When Dennis, an introvert bodybuilder, invites a local girl out on a date his mother is hurt and disappointed. Despite the pressure she puts on him to cancel the date, Dennis ventures into a night that he will never forget.


Director: François Jaros |
Star: Guillaume Lambert, Marie-Ève Milot, Marie-Claude |

Year: 2014 | Length: 6 min | Live Action |

Philip is going through a difficult and painful break-up.

BOLES (Slovenia, Germany, Laos)

Director: Spela Cadez |

Year: 2013 | Length: 13 min | Animation |

Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood. He dreams of writer's glory and luxurious lifestyle in a more prosperous part of town. One day Filip gets a knock on the door. His neighbour Tereza, an older prostitute that Filip tries to avoid by all means, asks him to write a letter for her fiancE. Filip agrees. And it would all end up fine if a week later Tereza would not show up at his doorstep again, asking him to write an answer to the previous letter.


Director: Lee Filipovski |
Star: Byron Asher, Lindsey Clark, Phillip Dionne |

Year: 2011 | Length: 20 min | Live Action |

Nancy wears green stockings. Peter plays the sousaphone and dreams big. Their romance is narrated by an intrusive Narrator, while the heavy rhythm of Balkan brass music leads the story forward, onward.


Director: Bo Mirosseni |
Star: Elisha Yaffe, Stephanie Hunt, Craig Anton |

Year: 2014 | Length: 11 min | Live Action |

A new couple are about to get romantic when they are interrupted by the guy's future self, who has traveled back in time to expose all that lies ahead in their rocky relationship.

THE BAGUE (France)

Director: Sarah-Laure Estragnat |
Star: Ariane Aggiage, Caroline Anglade, Ludovik Day |

Year: 2013 | Length: 8 min | Live Action |

A lunatic woman tries the engagement ring of a friend and suddenly realizes she cannot take it off.

ELECTRIC INDIGO (Belgium, France)

Director: Jean-Julien Collette |
Star: Christelle Cornil, Rubén Tomás, Tony Denman |

Year: 2013 | Length: 23 min | Live Action |

It is sometimes complicated for a little girl to face peer pressure and becoming aware of her own identity, especially that she never knew her mother and that the only reference is the love of two heterosexual fathers united by the bonds of a “non-carnal” marriage.

Total length of the screening 99 min. In original language with Czech and English subtitles.


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